Monday, May 13, 2013

Boxelder Bug

Today, Landon ran inside the house with a new bug that he found on the ground!!  I knew right away what it was, since I grew up with them in our basement- but I wanted him to work through figuring it out on his own :-)

After looking through our bug book and narrowing it down, we went to the internet to confirm his guess!  Yes indeed, it was a Boxelder Bug!!!

Landon's Notes:

- They can fly
- They do not normally bite humans, unless scared
- You will find them in either a Boxelder or Maple Tree
- They love the sun!!
- Boxelder bugs like to eat leaves and boxelder seeds
- They hibernate in the winter
- They are harmless
- Colors are black with red trim
- They can climb fast and tickle your arm ;-)

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Landon's first discovery for the summer was found right in our backyard this afternoon!!  Landon and his brother found a tiny slug!

Landon's Notes:

- Their official name is Mollusk, they are like a snail without the shell
- They leave a slimy trail behind them
- They live in hard, wet dirt and are found in May and June
- Slugs eat vegetables!!  Farmers do not like them!!
- I like that they stick their eyes out and that they are slimy
- They do not bite humans
- They can be many different colors